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Training for BC Bike Race

The strength training workout is fast paced, while targeting key muscle groups and with just the right intensity.  After five workouts, I've noticed positive gains - specifically during a long technical 40km mountain bike training ride.

  • Nelson

I'm a 49 year old newbie mountain bike rider/racer

I started riding/ racing May 2017 and realized quickly if I wanted to compete with all the experienced racers I needed some sport specific training . My lowest finish overall was 49th. About mid season I was introduced to Karen Duff and engaged her coaching/training services. Her coaching in the gym and on the bike is intense and it significantly improved my race rankings. Within about a month, I had my best finish of 8th. I eventually won my class finishing 1st place! The experience with Karen was so great that I had her coach my two newbie kids (12 & 14) for some beginner XC mountain bike sessions. They love it, they can't get enough of her, "she makes it so much fun" they tell me. Whether you're a beginner, intermediate or advanced she can custom tailor a program suited to whatever feels comfortable.

Anyone wanting to get better on a mountain bike, for whatever reason, needs to engage with Karen just like we did.

  • Mimmo


I have to say, I have had the best time learning with Karen...she is an awesome person...great mountain biker and hangs out with the coolest bunch of bikers on the planet!  How can I not get better!  In under a year I can't believe how much a better rider I have become and am soooo stoked to see where this next year takes me!!

  • Cheryl

New to Mountain Biking

I'm a 12 year old who recently started mountain biking. At first, I could barely climb a hill. After a while my dad introduced me to Karen Duff. She taught me endurance and after all of our sessions, I learned so much more about the fundamentals of mountain biking. She pushed me so much harder and that lead to a lot of improvement. Karen is an amazing trainer and I look forward to working with her again.
- Olivia

I am a 14 year old who wasn't that interested in mountain biking but I tried it anyway. After meeting Karen, she prepared me for races teaching me all the techniques I needed to know. We went through a lot of them not only teaching me physically but mentally too for future obstacles throughout courses. She made it fun for us to do giving me more of a liking for mountain biking, and I am excited to learn more working with her.
- Tristan


Getting stronger for Ironman

Karen is totally passionate about making you a better athlete. And takes her training very seriously. I've dealt with her in groups and one-on-one and she was a lot of help.

  • Patricia