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Fit4Adventure started its fitness journey in September 2012. Fit4Adventure focuses on strength & endurance training through delivering innovative workouts to improve your cardio, coordination, balance, flexibility and your core engine.

Fun and functional training in the gym is key to building & maintaining strength, power, endurance, balance and core strength for sport specific or everyday fitness.

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Karen Duff

Certified Personal Training Specialist
Specialized Canada Women's Ambassador

I am passionate about helping you achieve your goals and be the best you can be in fitness and health!

I have a passion for fitness!  I played competitive soccer until I was 23 then continued on at a recreational level until my late 30's.  At 38, I decided to take up hockey and continue to enjoy playing at an advanced recreational level.  I found my true passion for sport in mountain biking at 40!  You're never too old to try something new!  I enjoy shredding the trails with friends as well as competing in races and fun events.

Some of the events …

Epic Israel (3 day stage MTB race)

Chico Racing

Crank The Shield (2 day stage MTB race)
Albion 24 Hour Summer Solstice

Kelso Weekly Race Series

Storm Racing

Storm the ‘Scarpment


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